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August 16, 2018
Sandra I. Cruz

Web Design – Sandra I. Cruz

Client: Sandra I. Cruz URL: https://sandraivettecruz.com/ Services: Web design and graphic art E-commerce Event booking system Live Chat Messenger
July 31, 2018
AMB Rental

Web Design – AMB Rental

Client: AMB Rental PR y USA URL: https://ambrental.com/ URL: https://ambrentalfl.com/ Services: Graphic Art and Web Design Product Catalog English and Spanish languages Live Chat Messenger
July 31, 2018
Cannalytics Labs

Web Design – Cannalytics Labs

Client: Cannalytics Labs URL: https://cannalyticslabs.com/ Services: Graphic Art and Web Design
July 12, 2018
RGO Risk

Web Design – RGO Risk

Client: RGO Risk URL: https://rgorisk.com/ Services: Grpahic Art and web design
June 27, 2018
FU Carbs

FU Carbs

Client: FU Carbs URL: https://fu-carbs.com/ Services: Graphic Art and E-commerce web design using shopify Popups, Landing page
June 27, 2018
Mujer Innova

Mujer Innova

Client: INprende, Mujer Innova URL: https://mujerinnova.com/ Services: Web Design and Graphic Art Private Video Education system integration
June 27, 2018
Solace Hotel

Stay at Solace

Client: Solace Hotel URL: https://stayatsolace.com/ Services: Graphic Art and Web Design Booking engine integration
May 7, 2018

Web Design – Coach Educa Autismo

Client: Coach Educa Autismo URL: https://coacheducaautismo.com/ Services: Made in Wix Graphic Art and web Design E-commerce
March 15, 2018

Web Design – ¿Que voy a Comer?

Client: ¿Que voy a Comer? Juliette Elmusa URL: https://quevoyacomer.com/ Services: Web design and graphic art E-commerce
February 26, 2018

Web Design – Cooking with My Doctor

Client: Cooking With My Doctor ( Dr. Ernesto Herger & Chef Rafael Barrera) URL: https://cookingwithmydoctor.com/ Services: Web design and Graphic art E-commerce Video Editing
January 27, 2018

Web Design – La Profa Garcia

Client: La Profa García URL: https://laprofagarcia.com Services: Graphic Art and Web Design E-commerce Google Adwords
December 14, 2017
Puerto Rico Loves Yoga

Web Design – Puerto Rico Loves Yoga

Client: Puerto Rico Loves Yoga URL: https://prlovesyoga.com Services: Graphic Art & Web Design E-commerce Membership & Subscriptions Directory Listings